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Go Cardless

Welcome to Go Cardless!
This platform is the main way we at Fife Steel Basketball Club advise our members and players to pay for sessions, camps or other events. Go Cardless is an easy, friendly and most importantly safe way to ensure your money is transferred securely. There is no need for confusion or frustration when paying for sessions or anything else at Fife Steel BC!

What is it?

What is it?

Go Cardless is a "platform designed and optimised for taking invoice, subscription, membership and instalment payments."
Basically meaning this a safe place to transfer money through direct debit via online (like PayPal).

Vist the Go Cardless Website here:

How does it work?

How does it work?

Most commonly you would have received an email which, you simply need to click the link within the email from:

Next, you will be directed to this form:

Go Cardless Details P1_edited.jpg

Title/Name of the Plan of player being signed up

Amount and Date the payment will be charged

- Name of the Player

- Account Details

Finally, fill in last 2 boxes and send!

Go Cardless Details P2_edited.jpg

- Post Code (e.g. KY3 ***), used for Billing Address

- Current Email (allowing us to confirm correct email)

- Click to send this form and that's it!




Made a mistake? Click 'Change' and fix it

When all details are correct click 'Confirm'

(LISTED NUMBER)               

Confirmation through email, about you setting up the Go Cardless Plan agreed for the player. Confirming details, providing a Reference Number and informing you that Go Cardless will notify you 3 days before they will transfer the subscription to Fife Steel Basketball Club.

This is confirmation from Go Cardless, notifying you that Go Cardless will be transferring the subscription to Fife Steel Basketball Club with the listed Account Details and References Number

Problems or Errors

Problems or Errors

Honestly, there shouldn't be any as long as you fit these criteria there shouldn't be any problems/ errors:

  • There is enough money in the listed account

  • Correct details have been filled in the above form

  • Lastly, if you have changed bank without notifying the club

If there is still a problem please feel free to email us on:

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