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Windmill Community Campus 

Procedures for the use of Community facilities:

  • Parents are not permitted inside the Campus at the present time.

  • Children should be accompanied to the main door.

  • Children should use the hand sanitiser provided on the front table in reception on arrival.

  • Children should enter the reception area where they will be met by their coach/dance leader.

  • Coaches will be in reception to meet children. 

  • All coaches and children over 5 years old must wear face coverings in communal areas/corridors.

  • Children under 5 years old do not need to wear face coverings but can do so if they wish to.

  • Coaches will escort the children to the games hall.

  • Children should not touch any doors etc on route to the hall.

  • Coaches should close the door after the children are in the hall.

  • Coaches must follow the rules set out by their sports governing bodies in relation to social distancing, wearing of masks, and use of hand sanitiser.

  • If children require to use the toilet they should use the first toilet in the first block which will be identified with a sign.

  • Children must use hand sanitiser on re-entry to the hall.

  • After training coaches will accompany children out of the top doors of games hall, through the top corridor and out of the front door where parents should be on time to meet their children.

  • Parents should return to their cars swiftly and not congregate at any time within the car park.

  • There is no storage for outdoor coats so please do not bring these into the building.

  • Children should bring labelled water bottles and take them home again afterwards.

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