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Indoor Training Times

Walking Basketball Sessions

Venue: St Andrews High School - Games Hall
Time: Tuesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Head Coach: Coach Ross


Prices:   Walking Basketball
Sessions = £5
Monthly = £20


*If you are NEW, First Session is FREE, then pay for individual sessions (£5) till start of the month*

*Prices are monthly payments*

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Walking Basketball - Who Can Play?

Whilst our focus is on those that may struggle to participate in regular basketball. Walking Basketball is suitable for all ages, sizes, and abilities.
For individuals or groups, Walking Basketball can deliver a safe, fun and fitness boosting experience.

At all Walking Basketball Sessions, you will be looked after by a qualified Coach.

Sessions are:
🏀1 hour
🏀Low impact cardio training
🏀Have Lots of breaks during the session
🏀LOTS of fun
🏀Teaches you new skills
🏀A Place to Meet new people
🏀Accessible for men and women
🏀A STRESS-free environment
🏀An opportunity to play matches ‎against other Clubs in the area.

Walking Basketball is a proven form of a successful activity for:
🏀50 plus

But it is OPEN to all.

Walking Basketball delivers a walking paced version of the fast and furious game we are all used to. Walking Basketball is suitable for all irrespective of gender age, sizes, abilities and/or impairments.

From its inception in 2013 Walking Basketball has gone from strength to strength and now finds itself with Club throughout the UK and has attracted interest now in Scotland, Wales and America.

For this our thanks goes to Mike Bushell and the BBC for the great start (in getting the word out) from the news segment done at the Guildford Spectrum with our inaugural group. See the video via the link below.

Whist Walking Basketball is for everyone we have found the following groups benefit particularly well from our sport

🏀People over 40‘s, 50’s, 60’s+ looking to maintain a good level of fitness.
🏀Obese adults, children and younger people.
🏀Mum’s getting into shape after pregnancy.
🏀Post injury/surgery rehabilitation candidates.
🏀Getting back into sport!

Walking Basketball players all say they love the sense of camaraderie that you just don’t get in solo sports or from exercising alone at the gym. And there’s always healthy competition, at the end of the session everyone has created new friendships and keen for next weeks session. So, it’s great for your overall wellbeing as well as your health.

Moving forward the aim is to build on the current Fife Steel Basketball Club structure and if you are willing take part in games against other clubs in the area.

If you are still not sure here from Victoria.

The Club is running these sessions in partnership with Windmill Campus Community Use of Schools on Monday evenings from 6pm to 7pm.

If you are up for the experience, please complete there registration form and we will see on Tuesday!

The charge for the session will be £5.00 payable to the Club.

Please use the link above to complete the registration form.

Coach Ross 


Basketball Scotland Membership Fee:
At the start of the season or when you play you will be asked to sign up to a Basketball Scotland Membership, which will be FREE for Walking Basketball Players. This is to cover players for insurance purposes and is mandatory for ALL players to have registered before their 2nd session.

Payment Scheme:
We use GoCardless as our Payment Scheme, to learn more go into the 'Contact & Help' section of our website.

GoCardless is for Fife Steel monthly membership fees that will come out on the 1st of each month.
Zettle is used initially for one-off payments for Waking Basketball sessions, if the players attend irregularly, otherwise, GoCardless is the recommended payment scheme.

Holiday Sessions:
If you decide to attend sessions through the holidays there may be an extra cost and the Head Coach will advise you at the time.

Cost Structure:
These prices are based upon playing over 38-weeks.

These monthly payments above include: Hall hire, strips, equipment, club development, coach training.

We have structured this Payment Scheme so players will pay the full amount over a 12 month period, from September to August. We understand that players won't be playing through the 12 months but the full price per player, for the season, is split over a 12 month period.

Option - e-mail the completed form to

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